Cooperative Housing Society

Simplify your daily task! Streamline the administration
  •   Society Web Page
  •   Accounting & Management
  •   SMS & EMAIL Intigrated
  •   Easy User Interface

Society Billing & Accounting

Safe & Secured. Anytime, Anywhere access
  •  Society Billing & Accounting at your finger tip
  •  Accounting upto Finalization
  •  Statutory & Internal Audit Trial
  •  Exhaustive Reports

Society Administration

Simple & Easy. Straightforward and affordable
  •  Parking & Tenant Management
  •   Statutory Registers
  •  Minutes & Agenda Writing
  •  Notice & Circular

Resident & Member Management

Empower Resident. Provide more value
  •  Manage Shares & Membership
  •  Give access to financial detail to members
  •  Take request and complain online.
  •   Complete Member communication.

It's All about Satisfaction!

SMART Way to manage modern housing societies

SMART Housing is a Housing Society Application for managing the housing society. It's a centralized system which manage all the functionality very effectively

By Using This software you can see the paperless work for socity. It helps every society member as well.

It performs faster to make invoice bill, bank transactions. It also helps to manage amenities, tenants, bill auditing and so on.

This app is nothing but advanced housing management system applications that performs SMS And email sending activity automatically to every society member. It helps generates pdf formats to every records in the database.

Our Features

Easily Updates
All future updates and feature request are updated with the help of SMART Housing Society Software. All the information you stored can be managed very effectively by using this software. Every indivisual feel the standard and simple GUI so they feel happy.
Feel safe in the knowledge that all your personal data is secure and encrypted. The software provides highly secured coomunication for sending emails, SMS ans performs faster executions at all. The application provides privacy for each indivisual.
SMART Housing Application provides support to every society and society member to make high quality. We always think that Customer is King and likewise we help to support to each and every clients with exact solutions.
Automated Bill Generation
SMART Housing Society Software allows you generate invoce and other bills automatically so you never fell problem using our software. The System provide instant solutions for every thing that modern apllication required.
Management Services
The application manage all the society related querries like mange tenants, manage amenities, manage people and so on. This can be done only in SMART Housing Society Application So it does not required paper or pen, it's totally paperless.
The system is highly encrypted and secured with company standards so that the information and communication goes securely. This Software tested by certied Software Test Enginner to make maximum quality application.

What Clients Say

Actually I saw a demo of SMART Housing Societies Application and found that this application exactly matching my requirements of housing society. This is simple but powerfull software and manage all the society staff effectivelly. I really appreciate your efforts. Thanking you.
You are a true professional. The entire system is awesome and very easy to operate. It generates invoice bills instantally and manage to writeoff amount automatically. It's just a extra ordinary software which made life easier ever.
As a society member I had never thoughts that I will get to know everything just by SMS or Mail. I don't require to ask anyone that what's happening in society. Almost every problem in society handled by this application. It's nice move to make Digital India in SMART City.
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